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Born and raised in Athens with origins from the islands of Cephalonia and Corfu, I travelled all around Greece and internationally from a young age. Travelling intrigued my senses and sowed the seeds of my love for gastronomy which I began to pursue after my BA in Economics and MSc in Shipping. After completing culinary school in Athens, I also acquired the WSPC Level 2.


Gastronomy and wine go hand in hand after all. I work in various locations in Greece as a consultant and private chef. My work involves consulting restaurants and wineries, from concept development to execution, and catering to private dinning functions with my team of professionals. 


While having exceptionally high standards, my priorities are having excellent quality of fresh, locally sourced ingredients and paying attention to detail as well as to the client's needs, while my past career in finance enables me to bring indispensable skills to my consulting work.

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